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M3 GT Individual - 43 from 50
Chassis Number Edition Number Running? Additional Information Last Update
EA68737 01/50 Yes In a private collection in Moneymore, Northern Ireland along with Evo Individual 43/50. July 2018
EA85023 02/50 Yes Currently SORN'd July 2011
EA85024 03/50 Unknown    
EA85025 04/50 Yes Oxfordshire, 70k miles, daily driver September 2007
EA85026 05/50 Yes With New Owner May 2012 May 2012
EA85027 06/50 Yes First Registered 07/08/1995. Coming to market soon with 126,300 miles. September 2023
EA85028 07/50 Yes Original standard car, now in private collection in Yorkshire. June 2023
EA85029 08/50 Yes Middlesex. With current owner since Sep 2003. Eisenmann cat-back exhaust. November 2006
EA85030 09/50 Yes Being prepared for class SP5 (modified cars, minimum weight 1100kg, max engine size 3 litre) in the VLN, for racing in 2008. Car is being rebuilt at Tom Schirmer's in Kelberg. October 2007
EA85031 10/50 Yes 58k genuine miles, standard car, based in Yorkshire. Owner open to offers. Feb 2015
EA85032 11/50 Yes Based in London. Same owner for last 10 years. July 2011
EA85034 12/50 Yes Currently showing 80,605miles. Despite being parked up since 2006, it started first time and will be undergoing a full bare metal restoration. SORN. April 2016
EA85035 13/50 Yes Edinburgh based. May 2011
EA85036 14/50 Yes For Sale May 2016
EA85037 15/50 Yes For Sale April 2010
EA85038 16/50 Yes Spotted for sale in Feb 2024 following restoration priced at £80k. February 2024
EA85039 17/50 No Seen at auction as a Cat B. Also discussed here. April 2017
EA85040 18/50 Yes Soon to be for sale October 2006
EA85041 19/50 No Being parted out in Jan 2015 - January 2015
EA85078 20/50 Unknown    
EA85079 21/50 Unknown    
EA85080 22/50 Yes   August 2020
EA85081 23/50 Unknown    
EA85082 24/50 No Broken January 2015
EA85083 25/50 Yes Currently for sale September 2017
EA85084 26/50 Yes Germany November 2014
EA85085 27/50 Yes For Sale - appears to be missing front splitter and genuine wheels. October 2007
EA85086 28/50 No Discussed here. May 2019
EA85087 29/50 Yes - SORN'd Track Car Carbon fibre bonnet, Penske 3 way shockers. Eibach springs and anti roll bars, negative camber all round, Hi Spec 6 pot calipers on the front and AP 4 pots on the rear,stripped out and rollcage fitted, a 3.9 diff,and with the standard engine remapped it gives 300bhp. October
EA85088 30/50 Unknown    
EA85089 31/50 Unknown    
EA85090 32/50 Unknown    
EA85091 33/50 Yes Spotted for sale in December 2012 with 77k miles August 2013
EA85093 34/50 Unknown    
EA85094 35/50 Yes Bournemouth. (Re-shelled, now finished in black?) April 2006
EA85095 36/50 Yes UK - Evo Magazine Nurburgring Project 8 minutes. Since sold by Evo and now privately owned. June 2009
EA85096 37/50 Yes 7 Years with the same owner. Now for sale. April 2006
EA85117 38/50 Yes With new owner in Northern Ireland January 2017
EA85118 39/50 Yes Moved to South Africa August 2021
EA85119 40/50 Yes Spotted for sale August 2019
EA85120 41/50 Yes Based in Ollerton March 2006
EA85121 42/50 Unknown    
EA85122 44/50 Yes Spotted for sale on eBay with recent detail, corrosion repairs and other remedial work noted. August 2021
EA85123 43/50 Yes Based in the West Midlands April 2013
EA85126 45/50 Yes Previously featured in TBMW magazine. Currently for sale April 2022
EA85127 46/50 Unknown    
EA85128 47/50 Yes Spotted for sale February 2024
EA85129 48/50 Yes New owner in touch. Showing 86k miles. Swansea based. February 2021
EA85130 49/50 Unknown    
EA85131 50/50 Yes Australia April 2020
  ??/50 Yes Based in Aberdeen February 2006
  ??/50 Yes Based in Surrey. Last seen FOR SALE February 2006
  ??/50 No Cat C Write-Off April 2005
  ??/50 Yes Last seen FOR SALE April 2006