M3 GT individual


  • BF92
  • Internally referred to by BMW as "M3 mit 'GT'-Optik"
  • 50 Official UK Cars
  • Produced in British Racing Green and based on the 3.0l M3
  • Adjustable front splitter
  • Motorsport strut brace
  • Anthracite interior trim with seat center parts, door inserts and grab handles in Mexico Green Nappa Leather
  • Seat side parts and headrests in Amaretta Anthracite.
  • Sports steering wheel with air bag.
  • M stripes on backs of front and rear seats.
  • Graphite birds eye maple wood inserts on center console and glove box.
  • 17" Polished forged M double spoke alloy wheels , 7.5J front and 8.5J rear. 235/40 tyres.
  • Suspension similar to the standard M3 but with shorter stronger springs to take the extra down force generated by the fully extended front splitter and rear spoiler.
  • Produced for homologation reasons - Internationale FIA-GT-Serie, Division II, IMSA GT-Series USA and Internationale Langstreckenrennen.
  • 1,460kg
  • M3 Side Moulding Badges
  • Clear front indicators and amber side / rear

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Cars on the Register

M3 GT Individual - 43 from 50
Chassis Number Edition Number Running? Additional Information Last Update
EA68737 01/50 Yes Previous owner from http://www.bm3w.co.uk sold the car. Current owner not online. April 2006
EA85023 02/50 Yes Currently SORN'd July 2011
EA85024 03/50 Unknown    
EA85025 04/50 Yes Oxfordshire, 70k miles, daily driver September 2007
EA85026 05/50 Yes With New Owner May 2012 May 2012
EA85027 06/50 Yes First Registered 07/08/1995 November 2006
EA85028 07/50 Yes FBMWSH, AUC Warranty, ACS Backbox. Changed hands in July 2011. Currently showing 140k miles. July 2011
EA85029 08/50 Yes Middlesex. With current owner since Sep 2003. Eisenmann cat-back exhaust. November 2006
EA85030 09/50 Yes Being prepared for class SP5 (modified cars, minimum weight 1100kg, max engine size 3 litre) in the VLN, for racing in 2008. Car is being rebuilt at Tom Schirmer's in Kelberg. October 2007
EA85031 10/50 Yes 58k genuine miles, standard car, based in Yorkshire. Owner open to offers. Feb 2015
EA85032 11/50 Yes Based in London. Same owner for last 10 years. July 2011
EA85034 12/50 Yes Currently showing 80,605miles. Despite being parked up since 2006, it started first time and will be undergoing a full bare metal restoration. SORN. April 2016
EA85035 13/50 Yes Edinburgh based. May 2011
EA85036 14/50 Yes For Sale May 2016
EA85037 15/50 Yes For Sale April 2010
EA85038 16/50 Yes Surrey based. Hartge anti roll bars, alloys refurbished. September 2007
EA85039 17/50 Yes Worcestershire, 78k miles February 2007
EA85040 18/50 Yes Soon to be for sale October 2006
EA85041 19/50 No Being parted out in Jan 2015 - www.bmwowner.com January 2015
EA85078 20/50 Unknown    
EA85079 21/50 Unknown    
EA85080 22/50 Yes   September 2007
EA85081 23/50 Unknown    
EA85082 24/50 No Broken January 2015
EA85083 25/50 Yes Currently for sale February 2016
EA85084 26/50 Yes Germany November 2014
EA85085 27/50 Yes For Sale - appears to be missing front splitter and genuine wheels. October 2007
EA85086 28/50 Yes Purchased in 2006 and sympathetically upgraded for Nurburgring Trips. Maintained by Munich Legends, Barney Halse at Classic Heroes and latterly and Jody Halse at Climax Motorsport. Entered long term storage as part of BMW collection. February 2014
EA85087 29/50 Yes - SORN'd Track Car Carbon fibre bonnet, Penske 3 way shockers. Eibach springs and anti roll bars, negative camber all round, Hi Spec 6 pot calipers on the front and AP 4 pots on the rear,stripped out and rollcage fitted, a 3.9 diff,and with the standard engine remapped it gives 300bhp. October
EA85088 30/50 Unknown    
EA85089 31/50 Unknown    
EA85090 32/50 Unknown    
EA85091 33/50 Yes Spotted for sale in December 2012 with 77k miles August 2013
EA85093 34/50 Unknown    
EA85094 35/50 Yes Bournemouth. (Re-shelled, now finished in black?) April 2006
EA85095 36/50 Yes UK - Evo Magazine Nurburgring Project 8 minutes. Since sold by Evo and now privately owned. June 2009
EA85096 37/50 Yes 7 Years with the same owner. Now for sale. April 2006
EA85117 38/50 Yes With new owner in Northern Ireland January 2017
EA85118 39/50 Yes With new owner based in Hertfordshire October 2016
EA85119 40/50 Yes   October 2015
EA85120 41/50 Yes Based in Ollerton March 2006
EA85121 42/50 Unknown    
EA85122 44/50 Yes For Sale via Pistonheads February 2011
EA85123 43/50 Yes Based in the West Midlands April 2013
EA85126 45/50 Yes Previously featured in TBMW magazine. December 2014
EA85127 46/50 Unknown    
EA85128 47/50 Yes Renovated in 2008 and featured in Total BMW from October that year, this car has been owned within the same family since August 2005. June 2014
EA85129 48/50 Yes Wales. 70k miles. FBMWSH June 2007
EA85130 49/50 Unknown    
EA85131 50/50 Yes Australia March 2016
  ??/50 Yes Based in Aberdeen February 2006
  ??/50 Yes Based in Surrey. Last seen FOR SALE February 2006
  ??/50 No Cat C Write-Off April 2005
  ??/50 Yes Last seen FOR SALE April 2006